The Prep Work...


What to wear:

Wear something that makes you feel confidant and that will best tell your story. I recommend staying away from white, solid black and loud patterns. 

Feel free to bring a couple outfits in case the camera doesn't take to one as well.

Shoes are important for a couple we may get some full bodies if the space allows for it and also let's just admit it, a nice heal always changes our girl figures.

Hair & Make-Up:

Camera ready make-up is important for photo shoots. Not only does it make you feel more confidant, but it helps to know there is someone there looking out for the stray hair, shine, or dull lip color and can fix it for you.  I have included some names of make-up artist that I have worked with in the past and they do a great job. Feel free to call them or I can schedule them as well, just let me know.

Theresa Stone - (678) 438-5165

Amber Wade - (678) 850-0864

If you decide to do your make-up yourself you may want to try wearing it a little darker than you would normally. Also, bring blotting cloths, lipstick and powder for touch ups.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me directly.